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Briko-Maplus Universal 60 grams

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Briko-Maplus Nordic Blue Universal Klister (-6 to +6 degrees C), 60 grams. As a general rule, klister should be applied starting 15-20cm in front of the ski binding toe piece and end directly under the back (heel) of the binding (35-40cm total length). First cover the area to be treated with grip wax with masking tape, then wax the rest of the ski with glide wax (tip and tail). Next, use a couple of strips of masking tape to mark the start and end of the grip area to avoid applying the klister over the parts of the base already waxed. Sand the area with 100 grit sandpaper. Next, if the snow is rough (coarse) apply a thin layer of Green K82 using an iron set at 80 degrees C. Wait for the ski to cool (around 15 minutes). Once cool, apply layer of the right klister to suit actual conditions. This layer should be spread as a thin line on each side of the groove